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Buying school supplies, first day jitters, maneuvering the lunch line, etc., are just a few challenges kids and parents are faced with at back to school. Adopted children may face additional challenges with school projects involving baby pictures, timelines, genetics or even world studies.  
This was the opening line of an “autobiography” written by our 10 year old son: “It all began in when I was a baby that got left in a basket on the steps of an Orphanage.”  This embellishment of the truth was on a timeline project that teachers at his elementary school touted as a cherished keepsake for your child.
I guess the early beginning about a boy named Lewis who is a brilliant inventor, travels in a time machine, meets the Robinson family before they adopt him and saves the world in the process is a bit more exciting than “I was born in Russia and adopted when I was three:. At least the remainder of the story that he wrote was fairly accurate.
School projects can be tricky for adopted children. Circumstances surrounding dates, location, and details may be unknown or considered private family matters.  Children may be unsure about which facts they should or should not share, versus what they are required to share.  This can produced anxiety and leave the child feeling vulnerable, or different.
The best way to handle theses assignment is to prepare your child in advance; have a plan of how you will approach the topics and alternative ways to complete the assignment.  For more information see:  

Tackling Tricky Assignments
“Six projects account for most of the tricky assignments our kids face at school. Understanding the learning goals and the specific challenges each one poses will help parents and children alike find the best solutions.” 

Is Your Child Ready for School?
She has her backpack, pencils, and notebook. But does she know how to field adoption questions that might come her way?  See more:

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