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Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

A reciprocal State law that governs the movement of children across state lines for adoption is the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. (ICPC)  If a family is from one state, and the baby they wish to adopt is born in another, the family travels to the sending state to accept placement of the child.
The adoptive must receive ICPC approval before they can take the baby out of state/home.  
·         Compliance with ICPC is mandatory.
·         ICPC offices do not expedite the processing of adoption documents
·         Paperwork takes app.  seven to 10 business days to process
·         Adoptive families must plan to travel to sending state for app. two weeks.
·         Only one parent is required to stay.
·         Failing to follow ICPC requirements can jeopardize the adoption process.
We at Beacon House have been working with the ICPC for over 20 years. We make ICPC a smooth and easy transition.  We obtain all the required documents prior to the child’s birth and process them . All you have to do is bond and nest with your new baby while waiting for the paperwork to be approved.  

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