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The Adoption Finance Coaching System

Adoption financial planning is becoming more critical for families as revenue sources become more limited and costs are rising.  Families need to prepare for the costs associated with adopting.
Beacon House is the first, full-service agency offering the
Adoption Finance Coaching System
A proven, ground-breaking system helping our families with
alternative ways to finance their dreams!
Benefits Include:
·         12 On-Demand Webinar
Topics Include: How to Plan Your Special Event; How to Write a Grant for Your Adoption; Your Adoption Budget and Beyond; How to Tell Your Inspiring Story and much, much more…
·         Invaluable Resources
There is no one-size-fits-all adoption. That’s why we help you to create a comprehensive financial plan customizedjust for you. Templates to assist with creating an adoption budget, your adoption action plan, event planning and much, much more…
·         On-line Gift Registry Service –
A personalized gift registry package that allows adoptive parents to share their journey with family and friends and invite them to contribute in meaningful ways to the high costs of adoption. Simply, it’s a gift registry with a purpose!
·         Personalized coaching to help you create a comprehensive plan that will guide you to help you decide your best path for raising the money you need!

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