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Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

   Hello adoption. Goodbye infertility roller-coaster. Welcoming a new chapter in your life is never easy.  Having been on the emotional roller-coaster of infertility for several years, my husband and I decided to move forward with adoption. For us that meant saying goodbye to our desires to have a biological child, but honestly after four failed IVF’s, we just wanted a baby. Our desire to parent was more important than genetics. I would like to say that we simply moved from plan A, to plan B. Things are never that simple.
In order to move- even metaphorically- we have to pack up the U-haul.  We pack away dreams, fear, grief, anger, pregnant wannabe fat clothes, and sometimes even friends.  Moving from infertility to adoption is not a path that everyone can take.  The prospects are frightening and adoption is not always easy.  Things worthwhile seldom are.
So we move from infertility to adoption and while packing was the hard part, unpacking is the easy part. Saying hello to adoption meant we had new dreams. We were renewed with hope and strengthened by faith: confident that things would work out the way they were supposed to.  
Saying goodbye, meant we said hello baby, which would not have been possible without adoption. Our journey to parenthood has changed us beyond measure.  It has given us the opportunity to experience unconditional love, in a way that only adoptive parents can understand and appreciate and for that we are thankful.



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