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Adoption Travel Packing List



Bottles (glass or disposable bottles) and nipples (4-6/Sterilized)

Bottle brush (drying rack, optional)

Burp cloths (washcloths are cheaper) (6)

Bibs (3-6)

Mylicon for baby gas

Pacifier clip (1)

Pacifiers (2-4, newborn size/ Sterilized)

Disposable diapers (newborn size)8-14 per day

Cloth diapers – 3 or 4

Baby wipes (for sensitive skin)

Portable changing pad

Diaper rash Cream

Disposable diapers – Diaper bag

Brush and comb set

Baby travel size bath shampoo, soap, and lotion

Grooming set (nail clippers, emery board)

Hooded towel (2)

Washcloths (2-3)

Detergent (Gentle- for baby)

Baby blankets (3-6)

Travel crib/ Port-a-crib/ Pack &Play

Crib Sheets

Baby Carrier- Sling-Baby Bjorn, Etc.

Infant Carrier/ Car Seat


Baby Toys (Rattle, keys, etc.)

Weather-appropriate clothing

Hats (2-3, weather dependent)

Baby booties 2-3

Socks (2-3 pr)

Onesies (5-7)

Sleepers (5-7)

Undershirts that snap up the side (3-5)

Nightgowns (2-4)


Address book

Check Book

Reference book about babies


2-3 books or magazines

Cell phone/Charger


Laptop computer

Address/ Directions from airport to hotel, agency, attorney, pediatrician, hospital, etc.

Travel, adoption and identification documents

Clothing for app. 7-10 days

Personal hygiene products


Can opener

Ziploc bags

Hand sanitizer

Laundry detergent

Kitchen Towels


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