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Adoption Travel Tips

Most Domestic Adoptive Parents travel to a nearby city or to another state to adopt their baby. Adoption travel is the last leg of the adoption journey. The actualization of a family’s hopes and dreams can be both joyful and stressful. Whether you are already matched, or waiting to be matched, it is always a good idea to formulate a basic preparedness plan. Preparing in advance will help alleviate tensions in case of an early labor or being given short notice on the delivery. Research and planning will help reduce the stress of one of the most important trips you’ll ever make. Preparedness, adaptability, and a sense of adventure can all make your adoption travel memorable. It is a trip of a lifetime.

Travel Tips

•Now’s the time to get in shape, carrying a baby, diaper bag, etc. can be a challenge when you are not used to it.
•Talk you your Human Resources Dept. in advance and begin the process of preparing insurance paperwork for your child.
•Select a pediatrician prior to travel.
•If you have other children at home, get them involved in the planning or purchasing part of the process. Help them prepare for your absence.
•If you are first time parents and adopting a child across state lines and your spouse has to return home, or if you are a single adoptive parent, most likely you will need a companion to stay with you to help.
•Make a folder for any adoption related documents. If you are flying home with baby, you may need a travel release form.
•Don’t make travel arrangements until you are notified by your adoption agency.
•Make arrangements as soon as you receive notification from the agency. Do research travel options prior to receiving travel dates.
•Never show up at the hospital unannounced. Follow your agency’s instructions and please respect your birth mother’s right to privacy.
•Wait to buy formula, diapers etc. Most hospitals will provide you with a minimum of a day’s supply. Most general baby supplies are readily available for purchase upon arrival.
•Follow your baby’s nurses’ and doctors’ recommendations.
•Ask for adoption rates when making travel plans.
•Research the hotels surrounding area; its proximity to restaurants, restaurants that deliver, and grocery and other store locations.
•When possible stay in a hotel suite with at least 2 rooms and a kitchen. With a newborn you will need a microwave and sink to prepare food. Bottles, nipples, rings, etc., need to be sterilized.
•Prepare and Freeze meals to help eliminate some of the chaos when you first get home.
•Check the weather forecast so that you can plan accordingly
•Don’t forget to pack any must haves with you.
•Bring a few books or magazines.
•Wash baby clothing and towels before using them.
•Pack lightly- Don’t take things that you can purchase while there.
•Ship home anything that you have purchased and cannot carry home.

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