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Birth Mother Support

Most women choose adoption because they want, what they believe is the best option for their child. For most, this is a heart wrenching decision. At Beacon House we respect the choices made by birth families and work diligently to support these choices throughout the adoption process.

BHAS’s Domestic Adoption Program is a full service process that you from the start of an adoption to its completion; including finalization services, emotional support, birth mother outreach, and all services involved in completing a legal adoption. These include:

· Housing in safe and secure locations

· Financial Assistance: May include living, housing and pre-natal medical assistance

· Professional staff: to assist you with your placement needs

· Maintaining Confidentiality

· Counseling for Birthparents: Birth Mothers undergo extensive counseling sessions with one of our Social Workers prior to making an adoption plan, before placement, and anywhere in between.

· Personal Caregivers: to help you all you needs: transportation, emergencies, etc.

· 24/7 Support : Birth Mothers have personal access to our Domestic Adoption Coordinator, or another member of our staff 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

· Post-Adoption Support

· Semi-Open or Closed Adoptions

· African American Adoptions


For women in need of living assistance, Beacon House will help you find a safe and secure location for you to reside for the duration that you are in the program.


Many Birthparents are eligible to receive financial assistance for reasonable pregnancy related expenses. Each State has laws that regulate the amount and type of financial assistance that can be given. These may include transportation, doctor appointments, hospital fees, medication, rent, utilities, phone, maternity clothes, legal expenses, counseling and more.


Beacon House staff will work with you and the adoption attorney to coordinate any legal work involved in your adoption. The Domestic Adoption Coordinator will provide you with profiles of carefully screened adoptive parents. At Beacon House you choose the adoptive parents.


Birth Mothers undergo extensive counseling sessions with one of our Social Workers prior to making an adoption plan, before placement, and anywhere in between.


Each Birthmother has a Caregiver assigned to assist them. Your caseworker can provide transportation to and from, and help schedule and arrange doctor and hospital visits. This assistance may also include helping getting to and from appointments, the grocery store, counseling and more. Birthmothers, who prefer to live at home during their pregnancies, are assigned a caregiver to assist them with their needs during the adoption process.


In most cases Birthmother Assistance continues for app. 4 weeks after delivery. Birthmothers in the Baton Rouge are invited to attend a Post Adoption Support Group .


While Adoption has many benefits for you and your child, making an adoption plan for your child is not an easy choice. It is not a decision to be entered into lightly. It requires time and understanding your options. Deciding what to do about your pregnancy is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Beacon House’s Adoption Coordinator will explain the adoption process and are here to help you any way they can. Call 1-888-987-6300.

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