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Birthmother Care

At Beacon House we have a responsibility to our Birthmothers to provide the highest quality of care. In order to achieve this goal, each of our Birthmother’s are assigned a Case Manager who is available to the birthmother 24 hours a day, 7days a week. The Case Manager’s role is to assist the Birthmother throughout their pregnancy.

A few of the services that Case Managers assist birthmothers with include: locating safe housing, setting up and getting to doctors’ appointments, making sure that they have grocery money and are able to get to the store. More importantly, Case Managers often become a key part of the support system for Birthparents, and especially the birthmother. They offer informal counseling, and are there to help with Birthparent’s needs throughout the adoption process.

The support that Case Mangers provide for our Birthmother’s directly affects the overall success of our adoption program. We routinely have Birthparents who come to us for assistance a second time, or who refer others to use for help. In addition to Case Manager Assistance, our Birthparents receive extensive counseling before ever deciding to move forward with an adoption plan, and independent counseling to help them prepare for the placement of their baby.

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