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Choosing a Pediatrician

Choosing a pediatrician is an important step in your child’s healthcare plan. A pediatrician will be your child’s primary physician. Select a pediatrician in advance of your baby’s arrival and schedule an initial consultation. You will want to schedule a well-baby visit for within 48 hours of arriving home with your new baby.

Your pediatrician may have to coordinate a health-care plan or refer you to a specialist, depending on your child’s needs and your insurance plan. Here are a number of questions, to help you select a pediatrician.

· What are the office hours?
· What are the after-hours and weekend policies and procedures?
· How long does it take you to drive from your home to the doctor’s office?
· What is your general impression when you look around the office? Is it neat and clean?
· Is the staff friendly, courteous, and helpful?
· Does this physician meet your insurance requirements?
· Are there other adopted patients?
· Does the pediatrician have a positive attitude about adoption?
· Does he or she appear willing to learn more about special needs of adopted children?
· Are there other patients who are adopted or have the same ethnic background?

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