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What Adoption Means to Me-An Adoptive Parent

Adoption means that I get to be a Mom. Without adoption it would not have been impossible to have children. They are my children, in every sense of the word. I tuck them in at night, I bandage the boo-boos, and I scare away the monsters under the bed.

I am a “Warrior Mom.” Sometimes I have to fight for my children. It is my job to protect and keep them safe. I accept my child for who he/she is and recognize that I am only part of the equation. There are circumstances that I cannot change, and acceptance gives me a greater ability to meet his/her needs.

It is my responsibility to provide my children with opportunities that they would not otherwise have had. In addressing the age old question of “nature versus nurture,” what they make of these opportunities will inherently be based upon their natural instincts and talents.

As a parent, I must strive to help my children develop a strong sense of self. I must have a working understanding of the complex issues in adoption and be able to discuss adoption them in an open and honest format.

Adoption is a privilege. My children’s birth parents have a special place in my heart. It is a place of honor and awe. It is my responsibly to bridge the gap between my children and their birthparents. I help them understand that regardless of hardships, their birthparents had the grace and dignity to choose life.

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