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When to Call the Doctor

As a new parent, trying to determine whether your child is sick (or sick enough) and whether you should contact the pediatrician can be tricky. Always follow the physician’s advice and when in doubt seek help.

Reasons to call the pediatrician or other health-care resources may include:

• Your child looks and acts sick.
• Your child has a fever of 103 degrees or higher. (Follow your pediatrician’s recommendation. A lower fever and lethargic child could also warrant a call to the pediatrician. When in doubt, make the call.)
• Your child has a rapidly rising temperature.
• Your child will not eat or drink.
• Your child has dry skin, a dry sticky mouth, no tears, or infrequent wetting. These may be signs of dehydration.
• Your child vomits after falling or other injury.
• You are worried about your child’s illness.
• Your child is very sleepy, restless, fussy, or shows other changes in behavior.
• Your child has had several episodes of diarrhea and/or vomiting.
• Your child experiences severe diarrhea while on medication.
• There is blood or mucus in the diarrhea.
• Your child has difficulty breathing.
• Your child has a cold that is worsening or accompanied by a fever.

When in doubt MAKE THE CALL !

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