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Bringing your Baby Home

Bringing your baby home is a wonderfully exciting time for new parents. It can also be fraught with emotions: alternating between wonder and awe with grief and loss. The most important thing you can do is acknowledge that you are going through a transitional phase with your baby. As you are going through the initial trial and error, learning likes and dislikes, and building trust, it may take some time before you gain confidence as a parent.

Do not take it personally if your baby takes some time to get used to you, or appears to prefer one parent over the other. While you have been preparing to bring your baby home, he has had little if any transition time. Since most babies are only a few days old when placed with their adoptive parents, everything is new. The slightest changes can be overwhelming.

To help your baby adjust, slowly introduce them to new things; people, toys, foods, etc. As you do, you will be better able to gauge your child’s personality and temperament, and help them adapt to their new and exciting life as part of your family.

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