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Birth Fathers

Birth Fathers are often left out of the adoption discussion.  It’s not because Birth fathers are less important, but because less than 25 % participate in an adoption plan for their child. A birthmother may not know where the birth father is, or is unable to name the birth father.  In many cases, a termination of parental rights may be done in his absence.  Most states have a Putative Father Registry. The father must sign up to protect his parental rights. Without registration, it may not be required to give him notice of the impending adoption. When a birth father fails to register, has not provided financial support for the unborn child,  has not established paternity, and efforts to find him have been unsuccessful, it may be possible to move forward with the adoption without the birth father’s consent. If there are any risk factors associated with a specific adoption, your agency will assist you in determining which course of action to take.

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