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Choosing Adoptive Parents

How do I know these people will be good parents?

Because you can choose the adoptive parents, you will know that your baby has been matched with a good family. People who adopt (in legal adoptions) have to go through an extensive, exhaustive background check in order to be approved to adopt.

The major portion of this background check is called a “home study”, where a licensed social worker investigates the family through personal visits, references, criminal background clearances, health verifications and other related information. Home studies must be done by a licensed social worker or a social worker employed by a licensed agency, depending on state law.

In general, home studies are pretty thorough, with many checks and balances Adoptive Parents are also required to have education on adoption and parenting. Once a parent or parents have received an approved home study, we can be sure that the child will be placed in a good home.

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