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Pictures in your Profile Book

An adoption profile book is the tool that is used to provide birthparents with adoptive families’ information in a non-identifying way. Photographs tell the life story of the adoptive parents and provides insight into their interest, lifestyle, and values. The photographs in the profile book are what birthparents use determine which family they chose to parent their child. The pictures should include enough information to help birthparents imagine how their baby will fit into the adoptive parent’s life. Pictures should include:

• Each member of your immediate household should be highlighted; including pets.
• Include pictures of your extended family, grandparents to be, nieces and nephews, etc.
• Include a few family vacation photos.
• Pictures of family/ holiday gatherings will give expectant parents an idea of how their child would spend the holidays. When possible include pictures that support family values, and heritage.
• Pictures of adoptive parents participating in hobbies, or with friends, gives expectant parents an idea of personal interest and how leisure time is spent.
• Don’t be afraid to include a silly picture and show your sense of humor.
• Include pictures of your home, neighborhood, nearby parks, etc.
• Not all photos need captions. A page heading is often more appropriate.
• 4-6 pictures on a page is more effective and more visually appealing than 12 small pics on a page.

Adoptive Parent Profile Book

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