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Post Placement Services

Once you have accepted physical custody of your baby, you will have several post-placement reports to complete. Post placement reports are a required component of the Finalization process. Usually the same Social Worker who did your adoption homestudy will also do the post placement reports. She will come out to your home to check on your new family.  See how the transition is going, if you need help with anything, etc.
Your first post placement visit will be 21 days after you accept placement of the child.  You will have additional post placement reports at month 3 and 5 and then 30 days prior to the finalization of the adoption. Finalization takes app. 6-8 months so there are typically 3-4 postplacement reports required.
After the finalization is complete, Beacon House will have the child’s birth certificate sent to the adoptive family’s home directly from the state office of Vital Records.

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