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Transracial Adoption

Some adoptive families will decide to adopt a child of the same racial background as themselves, while others will be open to, or choose to adopt a child of a different race or ethnicity.  A Transracial adoption refers to the adoption of a child that is of a different race than the adoptive parents. These children may be African American, Bi-Racial, Hispanic or Mixed Race.

In recent years, Transracial adoption has become more common and socially accepted. Approximately 40 percent of adoptions in the US are transracial. Here at Beacon House, we follow a similar trend. In the past, many parents of transracial adoptees raised their children with the idea that racial distinctions didn’t matter.  Today, there is a greater understanding of the importance of transracially adopted children being placed with families who live in an ethnically diverse community; one filled with peers and mentors.

Families who are open to adopting transracially may have shorter wait times to get matched.  In addition, there is often a shortage of families seeking to adopt children of an African-American descent.  Due to this shortage, there may be fee reductions designated to assist families wishing to adopt African-American Children.

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