Lighthouse Thoughts

Choosing a Halloween Costume for your Child 

·        Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for a costume.

·        Make sure that the costume fits properly, is comfortable and that your child can walk and move around in it.

·        Don’t wear masks that obscure vision.

·        If your children are willing, coordinating costumes can be a fun option: a coven of witches, dog and cat, rock band. (I once had a Zombie and zombie slayer.)  

·        Make sure to check the weather and make adjustments.

·        Be age appropriate. Dressing young children in costumes that are too adult in nature, may bring unwanted attention.  

·        If it’s going to be cold, layer up. Cover any low cuts in shirts and dresses with a T-shirt or turtle neck. Wear leggings, tights, or long johns underneath costumes.  

·        Make sure children can be seen: use glow-sticks, flashlight, reflectors, etc.


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