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We are committed to helping you raise the money you need to bring your family together forever! Beacon House’s Adoption Finance Coach has teamed up with GoFundMe to help our families raise money for their adoptions! is the world’s #1 personal fundraising website.

How Cash Gifts Work
“Cash gifts are sometimes the best gifts because you can choose exactly how you want to apply the funds toward your adoption and use the receipt for your qualified adoption expenses toward the adoption tax credit. In addition to the freedom you have to spend the funds where you most need them, you also can receive up to $14,000 that you do not have to claim on your taxes. (See This ruling applies to each individual, so for a couple, each
person can receive this amount. “

Once you have executed your adoption contract, you can begin working with the Adoption Finance Coach who will provide information on ways to receive cash gifts and how to best present and share your journey. The Finance Coach will help you personalize and create a comprehensive plan that will assist you in deciding your best path for raising the money that you need.

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