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Nine easy steps to adoption

 Follow these nine easy steps to build your family through adoption.

  1. Research the type adoption you are planning. A prospective adoptive family will acquire information from the agencies they are considering and make a decision on which will work best for them.
  2. Choose an agency and submit the application. Once you have decided that Beacon House is the right program for you, it is necessary to submit an application for adoption services.
  3. Execute your agency contract. Once we receive your executed contract, you are ready to begin your adoption process.
  4. Obtain a home study. The Adoption Homestudy is a detailed written report about  your family compiled, and prepared by a social worker.  It requires the prospective adoptive family to gather different documents, answer questions, and explore reasons for adoption.
  5. Begin gathering required documents.
  6. Create and Submit your Profile Book. The domestic staff will assist the family in making a profile to be presented to potential birth mothers for consideration.
  7. Complete  your Pre-Adoption Education. Families complete 15 hours of pre-adoption education in order to prepare for the arrival of their child.
  8. Wait for a match with Birthmother. Most families are matched within 3-18 months.
  9. Once the baby is born, accept placement of the child after the birthmother has signed her Execution of Consent. At Beacon House we make all the arrangements for you.

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