Lighthouse Thoughts

Openness in Adoption

At Beacon House we understand that the issues of privacy and confidently are paramount in adoption. The overwhelming majority of adoptions that we complete are considered semi-open adoptions. We do not promote either totally open or totally closed adoptions. Instead, we provide extensive counseling with all the parties to the adoptive process to determine their expectations. Realistic expectations in the adoption process are key to a successful adoption.

Throughout the process, various options are discussed and considered to assure that no person involved in a particular adoption feels compelled to enter into an arrangement that makes them uncomfortable. The degree of openness or closeness in an adoption is determines by what both parties mutually agree upon. It is, however, our policy that confidential information not be exchanged at any time during the process. Any changes made after the adoption is complete is left entirely to the discretion of the members of the adoption triad.

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