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The Adoption Budget

When a Birthmother enters our program, we calculate a good faith estimate of her needs and the fees associated with the adoption of her child.  This is done on a case by case basis, rather than using a flat fee, because each birthmothers needs are different.  

An adoption budget is a necessary part of the adoption process. It allows us to be able to match a birth mother with adoptive parents.  Once we have determined that a prospective adoptive family may be a potential match, we verify that this estimate does not exceed the family’s adoption budget. It may be less than, but it should not be more than. 

Once a match has been made, families receive a written breakdown of the birthmother’s expenses, and a payment schedule.  These fees are regulated by state law, and are paid directly to the billing company.  For example: if a birthmother receives housing assistance, we pay rent directly to the rental company on her behalf. 

When setting your adoption budget, keep in mind that all funds are paid to the Beacon House escrow account over a period of months while your birth mother is in the program, and that the more flexibility you have in your adoption budget, the more birth mother situations will be open to you. 


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