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National Adoption Awareness Month: November

One of the great things that make our country so unique is our cultural diversity. Without it, we would not be who we are as Americans.  Nowhere is our legacy of blending race and culture more evident than in adoptive families. These families highlight our nation’s ability to overcome religious and racial differences and not just peacefully coexist, but also thrive.

Adoptive parent’s opinions, attitudes, and perception build the foundation for positive cultural identity in their children. When adoptive parents nurture and recognize the importance of family history, heritage, beliefs and values, children are well adjusted and possess a strong personal identity.  Acknowledging differences, yet adding to, enhances and empowers our children as wonderful, unique, individuals.

It seems only fitting that November includes both National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving. During the Thanksgiving season we often reflect on the many reasons to be thankful. Hug your loved ones, count your blessings, and keep the spirit of Adoption in your hearts.

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