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Experience Counts

At a time when many adoption agencies have closed their doors, it is more important than ever to work with an experienced adoption agency. Founded in 1989, with over 27 years’ experience, Beacon House Adoption Services has served several thousand families and birthmothers.

At Beacon House, Birthmothers are provided with extensive in-house counseling by our staff, as well as independent counseling with licensed social workers.  Our experienced staff is responsive to the needs, emotional as well as physical of a birth mother. Each Birthmother has a Case Manager assigned to them. Oftentimes, the Case Manager may be the Birthmother’s primary support system throughput the adoption process.

Adoptive parents work with our experienced adoption educators who guide them through the process and make sure they have a clear understanding of the adoption process from start to finish. Communication, education, understanding are key components of our success.

At Beacon House, we coordinate national advertising and utilize large networks and professional media services to locate and identify expectant mothers who are carefully screened by our experienced staff.  This screening lowers a families risk factors. Having a pool of Birthmothers to work with allows Beacon House to match them with adoptive parents based on both parties’ preferences. The better match we make, the more likely that adoption will be successful. Beacon House has an excellent record of placements of newborns.  Experience counts!

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