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Faith, Patience, and Adoption

Adoption is a lesson in many things; faith, patience, peace, love, perseverance, etc. The list is endless and everyone’s adoption journey is different. No two families come to adoption in the same way.  Every family must follow their own path to adoption.

They must have faith that things will work out as they are supposed to; faith that the child that is supposed to be theirs will be, and faith in those that assist them in their journey. Patience on the other hand is harder. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to have faith in the process and patiently wait for things to come together in their own timing.  But they will, one just has to have faith and patience. Through perseverance, dreams are achieved. Peace of mind comes from knowing that the right choices were made.

Adoption is the greatest lesson of love. The unconditional love that a birthmother has for her child, and adoptive parents who dream of a child to call their own. The two come together for the love of a child, to form the adoption triad.

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