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Open versus Closed Adoption  

At Beacon House we do not promote either totally open or totally closed adoptions.  The issue of open versus closed adoptions requires some understanding of the vast spectrum of possibilities in this area.  We recognize that there are varying degrees of openness in adoption.

We provide extensive counseling with all the parties to the adoptive process to determine their expectations. Throughout the process, various options are discussed and considered to assure that no person involved in a particular adoption feels compelled to enter into an arrangement that makes them uncomfortable.  The overwhelming number of adoptions we facilitate fall into the Semi-open category.

Non-identifying information is shared, however, it is our policy that confidential information not be exchanged at any time during the process.  Privacy and confidentiality are paramount in adoption. It has been our experience that this method works best for all parties involved. Those individuals for whom totally open adoption is a choice may enter into any arrangement they wish at the conclusion of the adoption process.

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