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What is the Matching Pool?

The Matching Pool is the pool of prospective adoptive families who are waiting to be matched with a birth parents.  Some adoption agencies will take an unlimited number of families into their matching pool however, at Beacon House we only accept up to thirty families in the matching pool. 

We believe that by limiting the size of our matching pool, families have a greater chance of getting matched faster, and that we are able to provide a more realistic time frame to complete an adoption. Most families are matched within 3- 18 months of starting the adoption process.

It is also important to note that not all families in the matching pool are eligible for the same adoption situations.  Each family has different criteria of what they are looking for in an adoption match. Some families will want to adopt Caucasian children, while others are open to African American, or multi-racial children.  Families may be on the lower or higher end of the adoption budget. The less restrictions a family has on their criteria, the faster they may be able to complete an adoption, simply because they are then open to more potential situations allowing more opportunity to be matched.

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