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Agency Fees

In general, adoption agency fees cover the cost of doing business. They include but are not limited to; rent, utilities, office supplies, employee salaries, insurance non-profit donations, marketing and advertising, web-site, collecting and organizing data, maintaining records, maintaining licenses, professional training, participating in a adoption expos and workshops, and more.

Beacon House’s agency fees are set, they are do not change. They are transparent, and there are no hidden cost. At BHAS, once a match has been made, families receive a written breakdown of the birthmother’s expenses, and a payment schedule.  Birthmother expenses are regulated by state law.

When you are researching agencies, make sure that you are comparing fees and services. Adoptions that occur with the assistance of a matching service are frequently similar in cost to an agency adoption. Many matching services send clients to select adoption agencies, who end up paying for both matching services and agency fees.

The riskiest adoptions are independent adoptions. When Susie’s, coworker’s, cousin’s, ex is pregnant, chances are slim that an adoption will actually come to fruition. Birthmother’s need care, support, and counseling during the adoption process. Adoption agency’s regulate this process, and are able to ensure that Birthparent needs are meet.  At BHAS Birthmother care is the foundation of our program.

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