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The Matching Process

At Beacon House we do not have a Waiting List.  Instead we have a matching pool of approved families to help coordinate a perfect match between the Birth Mother and the Adoptive Family.  We only take up to thirty families in the matching pool at any given time

Every Adoptive Parent in our program is eligible to be presented to every Birth Mother whose criteria they meet.  In accordance with our NO WAITING LIST policy, a family whose criteria best matches the Birth Mother will be contacted for possible placement.  Your Personal Profile is an important tool in this process.  The adoption budget you list on your application is also used in Matching as it allows us to match you with an adoption situation that will not exceed your set adoption budget.

Once we determine that your family is a potential match and that the adoption fits within in your budget, we will contact you. You will receive information regarding the birthparents that may include social, and health history, and a good faith estimate of the cost associated with the adoption.   It is an important decision whether or not to be presented to any particular birth mother for selection. If the family agrees, the birthmother is presented with the adoptive family’s profile. If she says yes, the match is made.

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