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What is Domestic Adoption?

A Domestic Adoption is the adoption of a child born in the same country as the adoptive parents. It occurs when the biological parents of a child relinquish their parental rights to that child. There are several types of domestic adoption:

Open Adoption 

  • Involves sharing identifying information between Adoptive Parents & Birth Mother – addresses, phone numbers, emails, surnames, Facebook, etc.
  • In some cases, both parties have on-going communication throughout the child’s life.

Closed Adoption

  • Neither party shares any identifying information about themselves and do not communicate with each other, either before or after the placement of the child.

Semi Open Adoption

  • A form or adoption that is not totally open, nor completely closed.
  • Identifying information regarding the parties is not shared.
  • Sharing of Photos is usually shared.
  • Direct communication after the placement is in a way that is agreed by all parties to be beneficial for everyone. Most of often this takes place through the adoption agency.

Beacon House Adoption Services completes semi-open, and closed adoptions,

depending on the needs and desires of the birth mother and adopting parents.

Beacon House Adoption Services Domestic Adoption Program

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