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A Birth Parent Question-Who are Adoptive Parents?

Adoptive parents can be anyone who wants to adopt a child. While most adoptive parents are married couples, who cannot have a biological child, they may also include families that experience secondary infertility, previously had a difficult pregnancy or decide they want to expand their family via adoption. Additionally, more single women are choosing adoption. Adoptive parents come in all shapes and sizes, traditional types of families as well as nontraditional.

People who adopt must go through an extensive background check before they can be approved to adopt. For BHAS to place a child with an adoptive family, they must have an approved homestudy. A licensed social worker conducts an investigation of the family, this includes home visits, references, criminal background clearances, and health verifications. Once a parent or parents have received an approved home study, we can be confident that the child will be placed in a good home.

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