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The 3 Types of Domestic Adoption

Open Adoption 

Involves sharing of identifying information between the Adoptive Parents & Birth Mother. It may include addresses, phone numbers, emails, surnames, Facebook, etc. In some cases, both parties have on-going communication throughout the child’s life.

Closed Adoption

Neither party shares any identifying information about themselves and do not communicate with each other, before or after the placement of the child.

Semi Open Adoption

  • A form or adoption that is not totally open, nor completely closed.
  • Non- Identifying information is shared.
  • Photos are shared, usually in the form of an Adoptive Parent Profile Book.
  • Communication takes place through the adoption agency, before and after the placement of the child.

At Beacon House Adoption Services, most adoptions fall into the category of semi-open. The degree of openness is dependent upon the needs and desires of the birth mother and the adopting parents.

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