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A Full-Service Adoption Agency

Founded in 1989, Beacon House Adoption Services is a licensed, Non-Profit, Adoption Agency with a long tradition of working with adoptive families. BHAS’s Domestic Adoption Program is a full-service process that takes a family from the start of adoption to its completion, including finalization services, emotional support, birth mother outreach, and all services involved in completing a legal adoption. This includes:

• More than 5,500 adoptions completed
• Licensed in multiple states and regional offices
• Semi-Open or Closed Adoptions
• Competitive fees
• Guidelines to creating a family profile
• Expert staff
• Experienced legal staff
• Documents Processing
• Adoption Homestudies
• Maintaining Confidentiality
• Personal Caregivers
• Counseling for Birthparents
• Social Media
• Placing children nationwide and US citizens living abroad
• Expert staff to navigate complex US adoption laws

Adoptive Parents with Infant

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