Adoptive Parent Profiles

Angelica & Jeffrey

They say the best things come to those who wait. Nothing could be more true for us. Even though we
lived worlds apart, love found a way. Our globe traveling romance has blossomed into the best seven
years of our lives. Both of us come from large families and knew we wanted a large family of our own.
Adoption was a part of our plan even before we got married.
Angelica is from Colombia and immigrated to the US. She currently works as a Global IT Instructor.
Jeffrey grew up in the Midwest, and is a Management Consultant and sometime amateur Chef. Both of us
are fortunate to work from home which is great for raising a family. We’ve been blessed with a wonderful
three year old son, William, who is also eager to grow our family (mostly so he can have someone to play
Our family life is rich and diverse. We celebrate both Colombian and US traditions (and enjoy some
really great meals together). We currently live in a small town that’s a great place to raise a child. We
love to travel and keep an active schedule. We can’t wait to share our lives with another child.
If you’re out there and facing a difficult decision, please know we are praying for you and your child. We
know that even when it takes some time, God has a plan. We’re excited to grow our family and share our
love on this lifelong journey.

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