Adoptive Parent Profiles

Ashley & Raphael

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!
We know this is a challenging time for you while you are deciding the best option for you and your precious baby. We hope that no matter where you are at in your journey you feel supported and loved above all else. You are courageous and only a woman who is as full of as much love as you would be making the choice that you are today and for that we admire you. As you are making your adoption plan we want you to know that if you decide to choose our family we promise to cherish and love your child with everything we have, as our own, providing them with a safe and happy home and a life with every opportunity possible. We will be praying for you throughout your pregnancy and that God will provide your heart with peace whichever decision you make.
All our gratitude,
Ashley & Raphael
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