Adoptive Parent Profiles

Cassi & Trevor


We are Cassi and Trevor. We have been married for 5 years and been together for
almost 10. We currently live in a small town southern town with our fur baby, Paisley. Trevor
works in management for a sporting goods company and Cassi is a second grade teacher and
part time fitness instructor. Cassi also recently graduated with a master’s degree in educational
psychology and hopes to soon become a board certified behavior analyst. Family is huge for us!
We love spending time with our parents, siblings, nephew, and friends. Our friends and family
are so excited to be on this journey with us and they have so much love to share with a child.
We also love sports. When we aren’t working, we love to attend and watch college baseball,
football, and basketball games. Music is also a love for both of us, it is actually how we met.
We can’t wait to share our lives and all of these things with a child! Adoption is something that
we have discussed since before we married and we are so excited to be in a place where we are
ready to take this journey.

Wishing You The Best,

Cassi and Trevor

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