Adoptive Parent Profiles

Eric & Katy

We’re Eric & Katy!

We’re a small-town couple who met at church one Sunday, went on a date that lasted until the restaurant closed, and got married a year later! Nine years later, we’ve created a joyful, wonderful life that we love filled with friends, family, and our cat Lucy.

Eric is the lead on a construction team and loves playing hockey and volunteering in his spare time- he’s quiet, kind, and a huge goofball who can’t wait for the chance to be a dad.

Katy works as a receptionist but can’t wait for the day when she can become a stay at home mom to their child filled with playdates and adventures! When she’s not at work, she loves grabbing coffee with friends, spending time in nature, or baking her grandma’s chocolate chip cookies.

It has taken us a long time to grow our family, and it was important for the both of us to be ready to let go of how we thought our family would happen. This has prepared our hearts for the little one who will change our lives in the best possible way!

While we don’t know you yet, we already can’t wait to meet you and walk alongside you in this journey should you decide to consider us.

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